Annoyingness & bad spelling, together at last!

At last! Someone has combined two of my biggest pet peeves – pointless, annoying Facebook apps and ridiculous spelling errors!

All they needed to do was make this “Is spiders and the Calgary Flames really ment to be yours?” and it would be perfect.

Name and profile pic have been blurred to protect the annoying.

</Monday morning bitching>

Also, my apologies for not posting this week’s installment of my prime ministerial series, which I know you are all dying to read, yesterday. I blame (a) too much exam marking this weekend, and (b) my first hockey game of the spring season¹. I’ll try to get it up posted tonight, although I have a nerd meeting to go to, so we’ll see.

¹The game, which was an exhibition game, ended tied 2-2.

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  • Beth, if you read my blog, you should know how much I hate FAcebook. So much that I am NOT on Facebook 😉


  • The best thing Facebook has added is the link to the right of the one you point to: the one that lets you shut down application invites from those people who are too moronic to understand that no, you DON’T want invites to the dumbfuck applications they have signed up to because they lack the strength of will to say “no” and the mental capacity to make any kind of differentiating judgment calls.

    I’ve seen spelling errors in a lot of Facebook groups and I think part of the problem is that Facebook doesn’t let you correct names once you’ve created groups and events (which is utterly retarded of Facebook since it’s not like they’re actually identifying the group/event/whatever by its title in their databases).

    Not of course that that excuses writing “ment” for “meant,” which is obviously not a typo but instead the result of idiocy.

    (If there are any typos in this comment, they are the result of the Devil. Just in case is all I’m sayin’.)


  • Yeah but what they REALLY need is a Block ALL Future Application Requests.

    If a friend really does have a cool one they want to share with me, they can email me.


  • I would 100% support a Block ALL Future Application Requests option! Maybe I should start a “Block ALL Future Application Requests” Facebook petition and spam all my friends with it =)


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