I admit it. I like Nickelback.

Apparently, at least according to the radio station I listen to most, no one will admit to liking Nickelback1, but yet somehow their songs always do really well.  Well, I’m here to admit to a dirty little secret.  I like Nickelback.  With the notable exceptions of Rockstar2 and Photograph3.

Here’s their latest song, Something in Your Mouth.  (And yes, it’s exactly like it sounds).


I mean, I know that the lyrics are stupid. (Seriously, if you saw a girl in a club dancing around sucking on her thumb, wouldn’t you be concerned for her? Like, you’d check to see if she was having a brain hemorrhage or something?) And I don’t even know what “if Hollywood hadn’t caught her she’d be gunnin for ya holler” means. Seriously, can someone help me out on that?4

But the tune is catchy. And it makes me want to dance.  And to gun for ya holler. Come on.
1zomg, Nickelback’s site makes me angry. Apparently you can only access one page for their site right now, a giant ad for their new album with links to buy it on iTunes, Amazon & WalMarta. All the other links to their site return an error message. Even though they have a little site map (I think that’s what it’s called) when you Google them, all the links there = FAIL. Nickelback make Beth angry.
    azomg, I hate Nickelback’s site. I wrote most of this blog posting yesterday and what I wrote above was true. And now that I’m finishing the blog posting, I went back to the site and now it’s different. Still can’t get to the lyrics page, so it’s still a FAIL. But it’s making me look like a liar.
2That song makes me want to puncture my own eardrums so that I never have to hear it again.
3I think Dave says all that needs to be said about Photograph.
4At least, that’s what the majority of lyrics sites claim the fourth line of the song saysb. One site listed it as “if Hollywood had called her she’d be gone before ya had her,” which at seems to make more sense, although when you listen to the song, it really doesn’t sound like that’s what they are saying.
    bAnd since Nickelback’s freaking site is pooched right now, I can’t consult *their* lyric page to find out for sure.

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