Enjoy Your White Christmas, Vancouver

Vancouver doesn’t really get that much snow for a Canadian city.  And even when it does snow, it usually doesn’t usually stick around for very long.  But after last Saturday’s storm, we had another storm on Wednesday and then it snowed pretty consistently all day today.  Enough that our hockey game was canceled because no one could get to the rink!  So it seems that the people of Vancouver will be enjoying a white Christmas this year.

Where I Am Right Now:

Snow in Vancouver by Mark Busse.A snowy night in Vancouver by tyfn.

Photo credit: Mark Busse on Flickr and tyfn on Flickr, respectively.

I, however, will be winging my way southward in about 8 hours.  Mercifully, the snow has stopped falling, so this should give them enough time to clear the runways, yes?

Where I’m Heading:

Pool View in Los Cabos by paultwo.

Photo credit: paultwo on Flickr.

I’ll think of you all while I’m soaking up the rays on the beach for the next week.

Also, thanks to everyone who sent emails/comments/IMs/Facebook message about the passing of my Granny. The kind words are very much appreciated.

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