Never been so happy to see the rain

People who haven’t shoveled the snow from the sidewalk in front of your houses: I hate you, I hate you, you suck, I hate you.

I actually saw a little old lady virtually disappear into a snow bank getting off the bus last night.  The bus driver had to get off the bus and fish her out of the snow bank.  True story.

Dude who was shoveling my street when I got home from work: You rock.

Seriously. Dude was shoveling the street, by hand. Because Vancouver doesn’t plow side streets. Ever. Even when we get 3 ft of snow.  They assume that it will just rain and wash away the snow.  Even when we get 3 ft of snow and sub-zero temperatures for weeks and so the snow just sits there and sits there and traps unsuspecting drivers who try to drive on side streets.  Yesterday, in a mere two block span on my way from the office to catch the bus, I saw FOUR cars stuck in the snow. FOUR!

Mercifully, it is now raining and hopefully this means the snow will melt away and we can have our beautiful rainy Vancouver back.

Rain: I’ve missed you. Welcome home!

9 Replies to “Never been so happy to see the rain”

  1. I’m sorry but U have never shoveled snow. Never even seen snow since I was 2 years old (30 years ago in the UK). So if you could send some snow my way…..

  2. Wow, I can’t imagine not seeing snow! Vancouver doesn’t usually get much compared to the rest of Canada (this year is very much an anomaly), but we usually get at least one snowfall a year.

  3. Yeah but this is India and the South part of India to be more specific. It gets really hot & humid over here. But we do get a lot of rain during the monsoon season.

  4. It’s just not as much fun shoveling rain, though 🙂 The city here plows the sidewalks, and since I live near the downtown, they’re pretty prompt.

    I’d mock Vancouverites for their reaction to snow, but when the city doesn’t do anything about clearing it away, then it becomes a problem.

  5. Once I put a card in the mailbox of the one house in Peterborough that shoveled their walk during my weekly 15 minute (always snowy and very, very icy) walk between my residence and the elementary school I volunteered at. They rocked! It’s also worth noting that my ramshackle apartment building in kits had one of the best shovelled walks because my (usually) wayward landlord had his whole family (wife + 2 kids) shovelling on the sunday morning before xmas. They even shovelled a path to the dumpster out back! He was obviously very worried about lawsuits :).

  6. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! What’s up with those people who don’t shovel their walk? I must have shovelled a dozen times so far this winter, sometimes twice a day. Needless to say, every fibre of my being is aching.

    Even if there is no bylaw, people should show some consideration for others. Or is that too much to ask? Probably…

  7. @Rebecca – Yeah, I think we budget about $5 for snow removal and have like 1 snowplow for the whole city. But that doesn’t have to stop you mocking our inability to deal with snow – I’m totally a winter wimp after living here for 8+ years. I’d much rather stay in than try to drive in snow!

    @Rachel – LOL! Totally it was about fear of lawsuits!

    @AOM – Haven’t heard from you in a while! Glad to see your still swinging by here. It is apparently too much to ask that people show consideration for others. I live in the Dunbar area where are a lot of older people, so really people should shovel the sidewalks because it’s very dangerous for older folks! And me who, despite being young, has slipped a rather embarssing number of times on the ice!

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