Educamp ’09 – Afternoon Sessions

More Educamp stuff…

Topic:  Testing Voice-to-Text & Other Methods (Qualitative Data Transcription)

Facilitator: Morgan Reid

  • qualitative research results in a lot of audio files of interviews
  • is there a way to get all that transcribed using technology?
  • there are some good transcription tools – e.g. Express Scribe = free tool, Transcriptions – Mac tools (he doesn’t have PC tools) – but these aren’t doing the transcription for you
  • Automatic Sync Technologies – US$93/hr – 9 minutes costs ~US$27
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk: crowdsourced open bidding – 9 minutes costs US$1.76
  • iDictate: 9 minutes – US$22
  • Scribes: 9-minutes – CDN$22.50
  • Dictate is a Mac program that uses Dragon Naturally Speaking’s engine; Dictate 1.2.1 – much better than version 1
  • tools:
  • you need high quality audio, portable equipment; you can even get an attachment for your iPod to allow you to use it as a recording device (although you often get the sound of the harddrive in the background)
  • a lot of software you need to train to recognize your voice (or, more accurately, you need to train yourself to talk clearly, in a monotone, so the computer can understand you)
  • one option is to listen to the audio file of your research participant and then read it allowed to the computer yourself (clearly in your monotone) and that seems to work
  • Express Scribe – play an mp3, listen to it and transcribe it yourself
  • now they are doing a live demo comparing a volunteer transcribing using Express Scribe and Dictate program doing Audio-to-Text transcription
  • so, basically, it sounds like there really isn’t any good software that will just transcribe a recording of someone talking, so the best you can do to listen to the recording on headphones (through something like Express Scribe, which allows you to easily control audio playback), repeat it clearly into a microphone as you listen and have it transcribed by Naturally Speaking or Dictate

Topic: Innovative Collaborative Group Work

Facilitator: Natasha Boskiv

  • ways of creating teams: look for similarities, look for diversity, or just random
  • activity idea: have one student summarize key points of all postings on a topic (saves instructor time of having to read them all)
  • use Google Maps to show where everyone is from (useful esp. for online distance courses)
  • wikis: you can actually put a wiki into WebCT Vista very easily!  I asked the tech people responsible for my course how to do this and was told it was impossible, but I’ve seen in this workshop that it’s actually quite easy!
  • use “Manage Course” and “add custom link” –> include the URL for your wiki and there it is!  She used wikispaces, but you can use others as well.
  • uses of wikis:
  • creating a glossary of terms for the course
  • project management tools – collaborative writing of assignments

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