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An online dating site for extra-martial affairs.  Their tagline, and I’m not even making this up, is “LIFE IS SHORT. HAVE AN AFFAIR.”  That’s right – that’s trademarked!

From their own filthy, filthy mouths:

Are you Married but Looking? Ashley Madison is the place for Married Dating.

Feeling neglected and in need of some excitement? You came to the right place.

Ashley Madison is the world’s #1 Married Dating service specifically for ATTACHED men and women who are looking to have an Extra-marital Affair.

Meet People Just Like You, in Absolute Confidence!

If you’re looking to have a Discreet Affair use Ashley Madison – the ONLY certified Married Dating service that’s been featured on Oprah, Larry King, FOX News, 20/20, Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Phil and Howard Stern.

Certified? Really?  Who exactly certifies such an organization?  Is there some sort of extra-marital affair online dating service accreditation board?

Absolute confidence, eh?  Best hope you remember to clear your browser history after visiting THAT site, adulterers!

For the record, I saw this site in a video posted on Feministing.  Where I also saw a video of Bristol Palin saying that sexual abstinence before marriage is “unrealistic.”  Really, you think?

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  • You realize that AM has been around for a long time, right?

    While I don’t condone AM, it’s an interesting concept, and an interesting statement on Society.

    I’m always fascinated with the level of skill with which the creator defends himself. I remember seeing a clip from Tyra where he got to meet a couple whose lives were ruined because one cheated on the other using the service. People were trying to crucify him, and he took it. However, it all came back to the fact that the guy who used the service didn’t have to, but it was a choice.

    There are far worse things than AM, in my opinion, but it certainly makes you wonder where society is going…

    Jorge’s last blog post..Rong


  • @david morley – It’s not a site for prostitution – it’s for married women to meet married men to have affairs with. Unless that whole thing is just a cover and once you get into the site, you can find prostitutes. Seems like that would be bad marketing though.

    @Jorge – I totally agree – it’s the people who choose to cheat that suck – no one is forced to use a service like this. It’s the fact that enough people are looking to cheat that this is profitable that saddens me. And I don’t think it’s really “where society is going…” as much as “what society is like”… apparently AM has been around for a long time (I didn’t know that – never looked for such a service!) and even before the web, people were cheating. It’s just… yuck.


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  • This is simple… if you feel cheating is a bad act then stay off the site, allow the users to satisfy their desire… hahahaha what the grudge about?


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