Photos From My Recent Time Travel Adventure

So guess where I was when I saw this yesterday:

IMG_4702 by you.

A Dharma Initiative station? That’s what I thought when I saw it. In actuality, I was in a lecture hall at UBC, where I was invigilating my class’s exam. Seriously. This is what you find in the desk at the front of the room for the lecturer to control the audio-visual system. Let’s have a closer look:

IMG_4703 by you.

Thank goodness we can control the TV, film and slide projectors and the audio tape!  Because I totally love to play cassette tapes in class.  In 2009.

And then I also saw this:

IMG_4701 by you.

That was in the desk at the front of the lecture hall as well. You know, a big red phone with no numbers for dialing. I’m pretty sure this is a direct line to the president. Or Batman.