Photos From My Recent Time Travel Adventure

So guess where I was when I saw this yesterday:

IMG_4702 by you.

A Dharma Initiative station? That’s what I thought when I saw it. In actuality, I was in a lecture hall at UBC, where I was invigilating my class’s exam. Seriously. This is what you find in the desk at the front of the room for the lecturer to control the audio-visual system. Let’s have a closer look:

IMG_4703 by you.

Thank goodness we can control the TV, film and slide projectors and the audio tape!  Because I totally love to play cassette tapes in class.  In 2009.

And then I also saw this:

IMG_4701 by you.

That was in the desk at the front of the lecture hall as well. You know, a big red phone with no numbers for dialing. I’m pretty sure this is a direct line to the president. Or Batman.

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  1. Oh my gosh… did you call Batman while you were there? Was he busy with Robin at the time?

    That is like… very Dharma Initiative! You must have found the Canadian station.

  2. Well now we KNOW you’re lying, because you are allergic to spoilers and yet I haven’t heard you’ve needed to use your epi-pen lately.

  3. Looks like Woodward IRC. Helped with technical support for a physics conference there ~4 years ago, and got to play with the buttons while bored. One of my sessions included a prof whose slides were of the ka-chunka-ka-Chunk, oops-it’s-upside-down variety. The slide button doesn’t do anything, they had to bring in a projector.

    I don’t know who answers the red phone, but there’s a Mr. Wayne with a really neat cave in the basement, and I understand the cave extends past Main Mall.

  4. Beth,

    I did AV support for a conference at UBC ages ago (before I went here). The red phone goes directly to the AV support that you can call them when the slide button doesn’t work……or if you are in 2009 when the projector craps out.

  5. Linda, you are ruining my fantasy land in which I know how to contact Batman, should I ever need his services! The red phone is a direct line to Batman, I say!

    Darren P – Did you seriously have a presenter who had the ka-chunka-ka-Chunk, oops-it’s-upside-down variety of slides in like 2005? I did A/V for a Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology back in 2000 and everyone had those kind of slides (the conference actually forbad PowerPoint because the projectors were too unreliable), but that was 9 years ago. I didn’t think people still had ka-chunka-ka-Chunk slides!

  6. He was given a lifetime achievement award, and had to give an hour talk. Yes, it was a genuine, ka-chunka-ka-Chunk, oops-it’s-upside-down slideshow, with the same boring slide transition throughout and no computers to be seen. In June 2005.

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