I Can Has Sympathy?

I hate being sick. Hate, hate, hate.

I spent the entire day yesterday, and most of today, in bed.  My fever went as high as 39.3 degrees and, despite the fact that I was so very, very hot, I felt so very, very cold.  Any time I got out of bed (primarily to get a refill of tea), I had to put my touque on and even then I would be shivering and would have to get back to bed as quickly as possible, getting under my three blankets to try to not feel like I was freezing to death. My weirdest symptom, I think, was the my sense of taste has become very acute – salt tastes very, very salty and sweetness tastes super super sweet.

I was trying to figure out if I had a cold or a flu, but can’t quite figure it out. According to a table comparing cold and flu symptoms in Vancouver Coastal Health’s Pandemic Preparedness booklet, fever (usually between 38-40 degrees) are common with the flu, but rare with a cold; conversely, sore throat is common with a cold, but rare with the flu2.  So, who knows.

Mercifully, my fever seems to have abated now.  I still have a wicked, wicked cough though.  I’ve graduated to sitting on my couch, without any blankets, watching my beloved Canucks streaming live on cbcsports.ca!

1not that it really matters, as either way you just need to rest and drink lots of fluids
2Why is it that we say “a” cold, but “the” flu? They are both caused by many strains of virus, so shouldn’t we say “I have a flu”?