My New Tea Pot

Hey, remember how I had a cracked teapot and I was all “I really need a new teapot before this one shatters and covers me in boiling hot tea” and you were all “you are totally going to wait until it shatters before you buy a new teapot, but you’ll be all covered in third degree burns from hot tea when you go buy said teapot”?

Well, I bought a new teapot:

IMG_4996 by you.

Here it is, side by side with the old one which, as you can see, is still in one piece. One big ole cracked piece:

IMG_4998 by you.

I like it because (a) it’s bigger, (b) it’s a nicer shade of green and (c) the spout doesn’t dribble when you pour the tea!  I’d gotten used to always pouring my tea over the sink because the old one leaked like a mofo.

I bought it at Winners because I am cheap.  And check this out – the tag says the brand is called “London Pottery,” but if you look at the bottom it says:

IMG_5013 by you.

“designed” in Britian.  But “made in China.”  You know, the city of London, China.

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