BC Premier #17 – Harlan Carey Brewster

So it’s time for the 17th installment in my series on the Premiers of the Province of British Columbia.  And I have to tell you, this week’s entry, just like last week’s, is boring with a capital BORING.    You probably shouldn’t waste your time reading it. (Hopefully we’ll be getting to Wacky Bennett soon!)

File:Harlan Carey Brewster.jpg Name Harlan Carey Brewster
Born: November 10, 1870 in Harvey, Albert County, NB
Died: March 1, 1918 in Calgary, AB
Party: Liberal
Held Office: September 14, 1916 – March 1, 1918
  • held a variety of jobs including printer’s apprentice, purser1 on a coal steamer, postmaster and manager of a salmon cannery
  • Feb. 1907: first elected to provincial legislature
  • 1909: one of only two Liberals elected1
  • March 1912: elected leader of Liberal party. And then lost his seat in the election
  • 1916: returned to the legislature by winning a by-election, promising “promised more reforms, including improved workers’ compensation and labour laws, direct legislation, women’s suffrage, and the abandonment of machine politics and civil service patronage.”4.
  • summer 1916: won the government with 36 of the 45 seats
  • 5 April 1917: women gained the right to vote in BC elections and to be elected to the legislature (as voted for in a referendum)
  • 1917: instituted prohibition (also a referendum)
  • “brought in women’s suffrage, instituted prohibition, and combatted political corruption”
  • 1918: while returning from his third meeting in Ottawa to discuss WWI with P.M. Borden and other premiers, he developed pneumonia and died in a Calgary hospital, where he had been taken from the train

In summary, as stated by the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online4, he was “one of British Columbia’s least-known premiers.”

Image credits: Accessed from Wikipedia. In the public domain. w00t!

1whatever that is
2The Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online (DCBO) 4says he “was the only “straight Liberal”” in the legislature at that time, so I have no idea who the other non-straight Liberal. The Wikipedia3entry lists the DCBO4 article as its only a source.
2more stuff

3Wikipedia, the reference of that totally phones in their entry on Brewster.
4Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online

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