Less Than A Week ‘Til Blogathon!

Only six days ’til Blogathon and I have yet to get a donation!  I’m going to send out a mass email tonight to try to shake people down for some cash, but I thought I’d also post a reminder here for all y’all whose email addresses I don’t have!  Click the pretty banner below to pledge some cash to my charity of choice: Options for Sexual Health.  Click it now! Click it now!!

blog468x60 by you.Don’t forget to donate!

6 Replies to “Less Than A Week ‘Til Blogathon!”

  1. i was searching for vancouver bloggers a while back, and found your blog and have been enjoying it.. lurking here for awhile. I did post once when your palm crashed. Your blog helped to get e off my ass and blog myself.

  2. Done. Our bad for not doing it sooner. Contemplating blog topics. Do you need one post from each of us or two each?

  3. @amoosefloats – So you did (post before). You'd think seeing as I only have about 4 regular commenters here, I'd remember such things. I'm such a comment ingrate.

    Also, your donation buys you the right to suggest a topic for one of my 49 blog postings for Blogathon. It has to be something that requires no research and that I can write in like 10 mins max. So really, it's of more benefit to me (as I need 49 freakin' ideas) than to you. I'm so generous like that.

  4. Awesome! You guys rock!

    As for the posts, if both you and Dave are willing to do one each, I'd love that (the closer Saturday gets, the bigger a number 49 appears to be!), but I'll take what I can get so if you want to co-write one, I'm down with that too.

    Also, your donation also earns you the right to pick a topic that you want me to blog about. Same rules as above!

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