Dear Summer

Where the F did you go?  I remember it being May and then I looked away for a moment and now it’s September. W. T. F.?

And yes, I know that summer doesn’t officially end until September 211, but everyone knows that Labour Day is the *real* last day of summer. Mercifully, we have a late Labour Day this year, so at least we get one more week before school starts back up2 and everyone returns from holidays and work goes back up to full steam ahead3.  And, seriously, I don’t know where the summer went. I only did the Grind ONCE this summer!  I can count the number of times I went to the beach on one hand! And I live in a place that’s *surrounded by beaches.*  I haven’t played any tennis!

On the plus side, we had awesome weather4, I got a great new job5, I ran a half marathon6 and despite vacationlessness, Tod and I managed to get away for a lovely weekend in Harrison.  But still.  I heart you, Summer!  Maybe you’ll stick around for a little while longer?

  1. or is it September 22? I never remember how that works and a quick Google search did not answer this for me []
  2. which means the course I’m teaching needs to be ready to go by next week! Eep! []
  3. not that I — vacationless in my new job until January — haven’t been going full steam. But everyone else will be back and so I won’t be getting anymore of the out-of-office replies, to which I’ve become so accustomed, to my emails []
  4. I <3 heat waves []
  5. fingers crossed I can keep it through the cuts! []
  6. and am about halfway through the training for my next one []

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