Lest We Forget

Poppy Fields by D-Kav.I always have mixed feelings on Remembrance Day.  Being somewhat of a pacifist and with the invasions that are referred to as “wars” these days, it does make me a bit uncomfortable.  But on the flip side, I think of veterans who fought in wars like WWI1 and WWII 2 and we really do enjoy a lot of freedom thanks to them.

And I think of the kids that are fighting today and the civilians who are killed.  Also, this year Remembrance Day has taken on extra significance to me.  My little cousin Philip has just recently shipped out to Afghanistan.  Now, I’m not particularly close to my cousin – I don’t think I’ve even seen him in a decade – but it totally freaks me out that a family member is over there.  And that’s what I’m thinking about this Remembrance Day – hoping my cousin, and the other boys he’s fighting with, come home safe.

Image Credit: Field of poppies picture posted by D-Kav on Flickr.

  1. such as my Great Grampa Snow, who fougtht at Vimy Ridge []
  2. including my maternal grandfather and my current landlord []

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