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    1. They've apparently been introduced in some sports as a fourth-place medal.

      Which isn't to say I think you deserve fourth place. I was merely making a bad joke about your whole 'she showed up' thing.

  1. woo hoo! Do December with me. Just do the posting don't worry about the mitzvah stuff. My plan is to post about if/when it happens. I am a pretty kind person so I don't think I will go out of my way to do it.

  2. It's like the old school 'Canada Fitness Program'. If you didn't get at least bronze in all areas, you'd get 'Participant'. Then, they changed it so that if you got bronze in ANY, you got a bronze. (Nothing like lowering standards to boost self esteem).

    1. Oh that explains why I started getting Bronze!

      Actually, I think the "less than Bronze" award was called a ParticipAction award (nothing like government employees who think they're all clever :P).

      1. I always thought that the program was called "Participaction," but the ribbon said "participant." Or was it a pin?

        And though I totally remember their being Participaction events in elementary school, I honestly cannot remember what level I got.

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