O Christmas Tree!

After hockey today, I went on a hunt for a Christmas tree!  I haven’t had the opportunity to have a Christmas tree in four years – I was in Mexico for Christmas last year (2008), I was in Toronto for Christmas the year before (2007)1, and I was too damn poor to afford a tree the year before that (2006)2 – so I’m pretty excited to decorate a tree this year!  I have a tonne of ornaments because my parents always got my sister and me ornaments every year for Christmas when we were kids so that when we grew up we’d have lots to put on our trees.  Which, to me, makes decorating the tree that much better, because it’s like a trip down memory lane – “hey, I remember getting this ornament in 1987!”3.

Anyway, I needed a tree as I got rid of my old one during the Great Purge of ’064, and Kim had heard that Michael’s Craft Store was having a sale on a lot of their Christmas stuff, so we headed over there after hockey.  Unfortunately, everyone in the Lower Mainland must have heard about this sale before me, because there were pretty slim pickings left in the tree department.  The only options were a 7 ft tree – which is too tall for my basement apartment – or a 4 ft tree – which is way too short.  Honestly, what self respecting Christmas tree is shorter than me?? 5  So then it was off to London Drugs where I scored a nice little 6.5 ft tree that comes with lights already on it6 for half price!

And so that’s what tomorrow night’s project is – putting up the Christmas tree!

  1. and so I didn’t see the point of putting up a tree when I wasn’t going to be at home! []
  2. and the year before that I had separated from my ex-husband, so even though I had a Christmas tree, I don’t have any fond memories of that Christmas season []
  3. a lot of the ornaments have the date written on them []
  4. I took very few things from my old apartment when I moved into my current one – so either my ex took the old tree or it ended up in the dump []
  5. I’m short! []
  6. because putting lights on the tree is the most annoying part of decorating a Christmas tree []

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