Mashed Cauliflower FTW

Farmer's Market Cauliflower by theblog.

The other day one of my coworkers introduced me to the idea of mashed cauliflower.  “I’m never eating mashed potatoes again!!” she declared to the lunchroom1.  So I tried making some tonight and OMFG they are delicious.  AND I DON’T EVEN *LIKE* CAULIFLOWER!!

The recipe goes like so:

  • steam a head of cauliflower
  • add garlic2
  • mash by hand or with a food processor

I topped it with a bit of salt and pepper and it was fucking delicious.  And the great thing about it is that it’s far fewer calories, and more fibre, than mashed potatoes.  I used a head of cauliflower and it made about a cup of mash.  Check out the comparison:

Calories Fibre
1 cup mashed cauliflower 66 6.6 g
1 cup mashed potatoes 198 3.2 g

Image Credit: Posted by Jacob Kearns on Flickr. I heart Creative Commons.

  1. A lot of time in our lunchroom is spent talking about each others’ lunches.  Everyone I work with seems to bring the most amazing looking lunches.  We also sometimes talk about Quebecois swears, but mostly about lunches []
  2. if you like, you can add a bit of butter or margarine or milk – like you would for mashed potatoes – but you don’t have to []