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Gold Canada Gold!

You could not have written a better script if you tried. Canada loses to the USA in the preliminary round – needs to avenge this defeat. Beloved hometown goalie in net. The Americans tie up the game with only 30 seconds left to go in regulation!  And then young superstar Crosby, who hadn’t done much during the tournament, scores right when we most need it! And the crowd goes WILD!!!!!!!

And go wild they did!  I was watching the game with some friends at The Vogue Theatre on Granville and let me tell you, the crowd went crazy!

Everyone was yelling and jumping and hugging random strangers and we all poured out on Granville Street after we watched the medals being given out and I’ve never seen so many people in my life as were on Granville Street today!  Pictures don’t really do it justice, but this is sort of what it looked like:

People as far as you could see in every direction.  There were quite a few cops out, but they looked a bit at a loss – I mean, there were thousands of people in the streets, but no one was doing anything wrong!  We were yelling and cheering and chanting “Crosby! Crosby!” and singing “O Canada” and playing music and dancing and high fiving anyone and everyone – including the cops! – and when we got to the corner of Granville and Robson it was an absolutely crush of people – like the biggest mosh pit ever.  People were crowd surfing in the street!  There were people climbing light poles:

We enjoyed the crowd for a while and then grabbed some food and then headed back to the Vogue to watch the Closing Ceremonies. And when I left near the end, the street were still full of happy, happy celebrating Canadians1!

I can honestly say that this is an experience that I won’t soon forget!

Also I have to say congratulations to all our amazing Canadian athletes2!  The most gold medals by a country in an Olympic games – that’s pretty freaking amazing!  As Chris put it in her blog posting, we own part of the podium – the gold part!!!

  1. And, in a typical Vancouver scene, I saw cops dumping out some guy’s beer, while not batting an eyelash at the fact that the entire downtown core smelled like pot! []
  2. What? They could be reading this.  You don’t know that they aren’t []


Public Health Achievement #2: Control of infectious diseases

Note: I’m not sure how, but I completely managed to miss writing about the February public health achievement during February. So I’m writing this in late March (because I suck) and back dating the post so it will show up in February in my blog archives. Because I’m not above back dating, apparently.

February great public health achievement badge

One of my favourite courses in all of my undergraduate degree program was virology. I remember being in first year and reading through the courses I would be taking over the next four years and seeing it listed as a Biochem course I could elect to time in my final year and being super excited. And when it finally came to be fourth year, the course did not disappoint. To this day I still have a love for viruses – especially ebola and dengue!  But while I love to learn about viruses, I certainly don’t want to be infected with anyone of them!  Which is why I’m glad that Public Health has made great strides in the Control of Infectious Diseases, which just so happens to be the February theme for the 12 great public health achievements in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Public Health Association.

Some random interesting facts about infectious diseases:

  • 28% of Canadian troops returning from WWI were infected with syphilis and/or gonorrhoea

  • In 1997, a new surge of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)1) started, notably of chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. These diseases are preventable and treatable, but we need to ensure that we promote “disease prevention and effective, non-judgemental public education” to keep these diseases under control.
  • The first known outbreak of polio in Canada occurred in 1910
  • ~11,000 people in Canada were  paralyzed by polio between 1949 and 1954. Thanks to the creation and widespread use of polio vaccines, Canada was declared polio-free in 1994.
  • Despite a significant drop in rates of tuberculosis in Canada as a result of the use of antibiotics to treat TB, rates still remain high among Aboriginal people.  In 2008, the TB rate among Aboriginal people was ~6X more than  the overall Canadian rate. In Nunavut, the rate of TB was more than 38 times (!) the national rate. Immediate improvements in health and social conditions are needed to reduce this inequity.

Stuff you can do:

  • Education yourself about, and protect yourself against, STIs.
  • Advocate for measures to eliminate the health inequities (of which TB is just one) between Aboriginal people and the rest of the Canadian population.
  1. formerly known as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and before that as venereal disease (VD []


(no title)

I cleared out the last of the stuff out of my old place today.  Though I’d moved all the stuff I was keep to my new place a couple of weeks ago, I still had a pile of stuff to take to a thrift store and some old computer stuff to take to Free Geek.  And, in typical Beth fashion, I left that until the very end of the month to do that. In the end, I took two large boxes and a full back pack to the SPCA Thrift store and an old computer, an old laptop and various other geeky items to the Free Geek.

I also had to go the post office because the screwed up my mail forwarding. I’d signed up to have my mail forwarded from my old address to my new one for six months.  I was most concerned with the fact that it’s tax time and I didn’t want any of my T4s or other tax-related documents to go missing.  However, instead of forwarding my mail to me, they’ve been forwarding some other person named “Snow” who lives a block from my old place. The first piece of forwarded mail I received was from Blue Cross, which happens to be the company that I have my extended medical with, so I opened it assuming that it was mine, only to find that it was a cheque to some other “M. Snow.”  Nice work, Canada Post!  My mail was still going to me old place and thank goodness I still had access, because two of my T4s and my student loan tax receipts were at my old place.  So I went to Canada Post and asked them to fix this because I’d really to, you know, get the service that I freakin’ paid for!

And the last thing I did was say good bye to my old landlady.  She is moving out tomorrow and today was likely the last time I’ll ever see her.  And it was pretty sad.  Betty is a very sweet lady and it’s been pretty nice living in her house.  I didn’t even get to say good bye to my old land lord because he’s been in the hospital for the past few weeks – Betty said he’ll likely get out this week, but she’ll be in her new place by then.  So it’s pretty sad that I never got to say good bye to him.  I will miss them.


Go Canada Go!

Ok, so that was a close hockey game! Canada had a nice, comfortable 3-0 lead and then the Slovaks scored two and I nearly died of five heart attacks1 . But thanks to Roberto Luuuuuuuongo2 and his awesome goaltending3, we are going to the gold medal game!

Here’s a photo of me watching the game at Robson Square:

Props to the nice volunteers who were handing out the plastic ponchos!  It kept me from being entirely soaked – I was just nearly entirely soaked.

  1. I totally stole this line from @enniscath.  Because it perfectly sums it up []
  2. as an aside, I love watching hockey games where Roberto Luongo is playing with someone who has never seen him play before. Whenever he makes a save, the entire crowd stays yelling “Loooooooou!” and the new person gets very confused, “Why is everyone booing him?” []
  3. I just typed that as “goldtending” at first. Freudian slip! []


The Quatchi Kid is Back!

Hey, remember that Quatchi kid from Halloween? He’s back! Check out this adorable video!

In related news, I have yet to see big Quatchi out and about during the Olympics.  And I soooo want my picture with Quatchi!  If anyone knows where I might find him, you be sure to let me know!

OK, women’s gold medal hockey game is back on – third period!  I’m on the edge of my seat!!


The Internets! It’s ALIVE!

The internets gods have finally deemed me worthy enough to have my very own internets connection in my very own home.  And what a great night for that to happen.  Canada – and Canadian women in particular – kicked some ass at the Olympics tonight and I got to watch it all via the Internet streamed broadcast!  My Internet hookup came just in time to watch the Canadian men kicked some Russian ass at hockey – you know, *Canada’s* sport.  Then I saw the double medals – gold and silver – in women’s bobsleigh and the silver in women’s short track speed skating (3000 m relay). Combine those with Ashleigh McIvor’s gold medal in women’s ski crossClara Hughes’ bronze medal in speed skating in the afternoon and that’s a pretty good haul for the day!

Is 33 too old to take up bobsleigh?

Go Canada Go!


Still Internet-less

So this will be yet another micro blog posting as I am still without Internet connectivity and I’m pecking this blog posting out on my iPhone. The Telus guy was supposed to hook me up today but he said that the people at the office hooked me up to the wrong doohickey and he asked them to fix it but they didn’t fix it right so he asked them to fix it again and now it’s fixed but oh, look at the time my shift is over, I’ll have to come tomorrow evening to install the jack. So even though tomorrow is the big Canada v. Russia hockey game that I would really like to be watching, thank you very much, instead I’ll be yet again listening to the hockey game on the radio as I wait for Telus to give me my Internets. I hate being being held hostage by Telus!

And now I go outside to try to get some cell reception so I can post this.


Congratulations Virtue & Moir!

I don’t know much about figure skating, but I had heard that Canada’s Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir were going into the last part of the ice dance competition, which was held tonight, in first place and so I watched because I wanted to see if they could pull off the gold.  And pull it off they did – they were amazing!!  No one was questioning the judging on this one – they were gold all the way! w00t!

On a related note, does anyone know why at some events they do the medal ceremony right away, whereas for other events they have to wait until the following day’s “Victory Ceremony”?


And I Was SO Planning To Do That On The Bus

Saw this on the bus on the way to the hockey game yesterday:


China vs. Switzerland

When I bought the tickets for this afternoon’s women’s hockey game, I didn’t know who would be playing as it was a “classification” game, meaning that would would be playing was determined by the standings from the preliminary games.  As it turns out, today’s matchup was Team China vs. Team Switzerland.

Team China

Team Switzerland

It was a pretty entertaining game.  Switzerland was pretty dominant – they owned the neutral zone and pretty much anytime a Chinese player got the puck, a Swiss one would just take it away. There was one woman on Team China, number 14, who was pretty speedy and made a few nice moves, but never managed to get the puck past the goalie.  And the game was more physical than I expected – a fair amount of penalties and definitely as sense of bad blood between the two teams.  Which seemed odd, but stranger things have happened!

The crowd was pretty into the game and cheered heartily whenever Switzerland scored. If China has scored, though, I’m sure the crowd would have cheered just as much!  Near the end of the game the crowd was cheering “Go China Go!”  We really would have liked to have seen them score, but it wasn’t to be.

Me, Kim & Anne at UBC Thunderbird Arena.

Me, Kim & Lance at UBC Thunderbird Arena.