Moved In

Today’s posting will be brief as I’m writing it on my iPhone. I’m writing it on my iPhone because Telus can’t get here to set up my internets until Feb 23. My thought when they told me this was ‘No problem, I’ll just tether my computer to my iPhone for a week.’. Which would be all well and good except I can’t get any cell phone reception in my freaking apartment!! Gaaaaah!

I didn’t even think to check cell phone reception when I looked at this place. And I really should have, because my old place – also a basement suite – had pretty bad reception. Dropped calls all the time. But this place is even worse – I get almost no signal at all! The occasional email will get through, but calls are pretty much impossible. I got one call today, when I was sitting near the door with the door open, but it got dropped pretty quick and i couldn’t get signal again until I went outside and up the steps.

So, anyway. Suffice it to say that I’m moved in, have unpacked about 75% of the kitchen, 25% of the bathroom and made my bed. Now I’m going to go outside where I can get enough signal to post this and then it’s bedtime for Bethy!

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