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  • NaBloPoMo – Day 24 – Happy 16th Birthday Madeline!

    Today was my niece’s 16th birthday! And since we all couldn’t be there to celebrate with her, we got on Zoom to sing happy birthday! I didn’t take a photo of everyone on Zoom, since I didn’t have everyone’s permission. But I can assure you there were lots of people there and we sang wildly […]?

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 19 – Horseback Riding

    In my ongoing catching up of blogging about blogworthy things that I totally meant to blog about at the time and then didn’t, I give you horseback riding for Alicia’s birthday! It was way back in the old-timey days of late September, when it was still legal to socialize with people from outside your household. […]?

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 8 – Two Upcoming (Virtual) Events That I’m Excited About

    I don’t usually talk about work-ish things here, but there are two upcoming events that we are offering through the Canadian Evaluation Society – BC Chapter1 that I’m super excited about. First, we are kicking off our “Diverse Voices” webinar series tomorrow with a webinar by Carolyn Camman called “Finding Our Way to Equitable Practices […]?

  • Halloween 2020

    As you may recall, I love Halloween. I especially love dressing up for Halloween. And I thought that I’d have to forgo it this year because working from home means no office costume contest and pandemic restrictions means no parties1. But then my gym came to the rescue! My gym’s Halloween costume contest has always […]?

  • Happy 9th Birthday, Watson & Crick

    Yesterday, Watson and Crick turned 9. I was going to write this blog posting yesterday, but then Crick jumped on my lap and so I couldn’t get up to get my laptop, as it would be wrong to disturb a cat that is happily sitting on one’s lap on any day, let alone her birthday. […]?

  • Happy 9th Birthday, Thomas!

    Having a birthday in a pandemic-induced quarantine is probably not anyone’s first choice for a 9th birthday. But that is the situation that we find ourselves in, so for my nephew’s 9th birthday today, we decided to have a group video chat to share birthday cake. My niece baked a tie-dye birthday cake at my […]?

  • Gains

    So I’ve completed the first phase of my training for the powerlifting competition. My training consisted of working each of deadlift, back squat, and bench press to see if I could increase my theoretical 1 rep max. In the first week of this phase, I found my 3 rep max by testing out heavier and […]?

  • Powerlifting!

    Remember that time I joined Strong Side, the best gym ever and became obsessed with lifting heavy weights and then putting them back down? Well, in addition to all the other things I love about this gym (like the super knowledgeable trainers that help me get super strong in a safe way and the wonderfully […]?

  • Summertime!

    OK, so it’s not technically summer until Friday, but you’d never know it from the weather we’ve been having. It’s sunny and warm and the sun is up until nearly 9:30 pm. Things I’m excited about for the summer, in no particular order: The New West Grand Prix – watching professional cyclists ride around and […]?


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