This Time The B0rkening Was My Own Fault

As you probably didn’t notice, my blog has been down for a few days.  In response, I received the following email from Dr. Dan:

Dr. Beth!  Where did NTBTWK go?  I keep getting 404’d.  404’d!!!!  ZOUNDS!

Because I’m too lazy to re-type the story I work smarter, not harder, I’m pasting my reply1 to Dr. Dan here to inform you of how the b0rkening happened:

Sorry!  It have b0rked my blog!  I was trying to switch it over its new URL http://[redacted until such time as I’m ready to launch] as I’m planning to use for my more professional stuff… or at least to not have potential consulting clients see that my email is beth AT drbethsnow DOT com and go “I should check out her website” and then end up on my blog reading about how I got mistaken for a prostitute in Langley.  I don’t think that would be good for business. Well, it might be good for business, but not the kind of business I’m actually trying to get!  I have my blog on a shared server with Kalev and, unfortunately, I thought I knew what I needed to do to to switch my blogs around when clearly, I did not, and Kalev has a paper due today (which, for some reason, he thinks is more important than my blog… silly students), so can’t do anything on it until tomorrow, but I’m impatient so then I tried to switch both URLs to Tod’s server, but it turns out that the backup I’d made of the blog before I started fucking around with it was too big for WordPress to want to import (even though it exported from WordPress just fine), so I could only get up to Jan 2009 onto Tod’s server (with a bunch of posts missing).  And then Tod and I got sick of nothing working last night when we were trying to make it work and decided to watch TV instead.  

All of this, of course, would make an excellent blog post, but I can’t seem to log into the half-imported, mutant blog on Tod’s server, so I can’t even blog it.  Le sigh.

So, long story short (after telling the long story), it should be fixed tomorrow.

That email chain went on for a while and covered such topics as why you should remember that your microphone is on when your friend bends you over in front of the class you are teaching, surprises orgies as a good way to meet people when you are new in town, and blog resurrections (and the accompanying obligatory references to Jesus). So, I hope you enjoy my newly resurrected blog. Which is kind of like the Jesus of blogs2.

  1. with the benefit of a extra link and a bit of redaction []
  2. do you think the Pope will forgive me for saying that in 40 years? []

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