I’m A Wanderer

So, I’ve had my blog at this drbethsnow.com URL for more than a year now.  That seems like an awfully long time to live some where, don’t you think?

Seriously, though, as I mentioned the other day, I’ve being doing some consulting work and thinking that perhaps I should have a professional presence on the web.  Or, at the very least, maybe I shouldn’t have my blog postings about hockey hotties as the first thing potential clients see if they check out the URL associated with my email address.  So, the blog that you all know and love will henceforth be found on the very appropriate URL: www.nottobetrustedwithknives.com.  I know, I know – all this jumping around of URLs is confusing and a terrible thing to do if I want to actually keep my readers and therefore, I suck.  I think, though, that this will be the last blog move.  So I hope you’ll come along with me.

I’m going to leave all this up at drbethsnow.com for a few days so that, hopefully, everyone who actually wants to read my blog stuff will know where to find me, before I convert the site into something professional. So, update your RSS feeds, bookmarks and tattoos1, people!

  1. what, you didn’t get a tattoo of my URL?? []

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