The Bet

I am bringing my sign the the Vancouver #Canucks vs. Toronto Maple Leafs game tomorrowphoto © 2009 Chris Breikss | more info (via: Wylio)

On Thursday, I got a very expected email from my dad. For, you see, tonight my beloved Vancouver Canucks play the my father’s Toronto Maple Leafs. Every year when our two teams play each other, we have a bet. The loser has to buy a lottery ticket, but if said lottery ticket wins, we split the winnings. So it’s a $5 bet or a $50 million bet, depending.

Now, the last few years my beloved Canucks have soundly beaten the despised and incorrectly spelled Maple Leafs. But I was curious to see exactly what the track record of Canucks v. Leafs was. Thankfully, the Internets provides all.  According to some guy’s Telus-hosted website:

  • The Leafs have not beat the Canucks since the 2003-04 season
  • The Canucks won the first game they ever played against the Leafs
  • The Canucks record against the Leafs is 56 wins, 50 losses, 21 ties

I fully expect my dad will be buying our lottery ticket.