One Less Thing In My Mouth

Unlike my last visit to the orthodontist, my visit yesterday actually resulted in fewer things in my mouth instead of more1. Specifically, I now only need to wear an elastic on the left side of my mouth, not the right.

Day 345

Notice how delightfully devoid of elastic the right side of my mouth is.

This is, in fact, what the orthodontist told me would happen when I first started wearing the elastics – she said that the left side needed more work than the right, and lo and behold, she was right. Apparently my right side is now all lined up perfectly, but my left side still has a little ways to go. After that, apparently, it’s apparently smooth sailing!

Also, she did an x-ray of my teeth, just to see how my root canalled teeth were holding up. She said that there was a bit of root shortening, but that’s to be expected when you’ve had dead teeth in your face for 25 years and that they actually looked pretty good, considering.

So, yeah. Go me!

  1. So, I realize that my title is grammatically incorrect, as I should be saying “fewer” rather than “less.” But “One Fewer Things In My Mouth” sounded awkward and weird, so I’m going with the incorrect title! []

2 Replies to “One Less Thing In My Mouth”

  1. You have ZOMBIE TEETH in your mouth! ZOMBIE TEETH!!!! AHHHHHH!!!

    Are you sure your orthodontist was right? Maybe she was left? Does she like Jack Layton?

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