Vote For Your Favourte November Blog Posting

Based on my dad’s suggestion, I’ve create this poll so you can vote for your favourite blog posting from my NaBloPoMo postings!

Sadly, I could not figure out how to link titles in the poll to the actual blog posting… the usual HTML code for linking didn’t work, so you’ll just have to scroll through my blog to review the posts. Unless you agree with my dad, then you can just vote for this one.

[poll id=”1″]

One Reply to “Vote For Your Favourte November Blog Posting”

  1. It was a tie between “Things my mom taught me”, and “Things my niece taught me”. Being a Statistician, I flipped a coin.

    Congrats on completing NaBloPoMo! And with 7% more posts than required. Very nerdy of you Dr. Beth. Very nerdy indeed.

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