So today is my first day of school. Well, it’s not technically the start of the MBA program per se, but rather it’s the first of three “pre-core” weekend courses1 that will get us ready for the actual program, which starts on the last weekend of January. And it’s not technically my first “day” of school, since it happens at night. But it costs lots of money and we’ll be learning things, so I figure that counts as school.

I’ve had terrible insomnia all week2, which I’m ascribing to anxiety about school starting3, so hopefully once it actually gets going I’ll see it’s not that bad and calm down a bit. Either that, or it will be that bad and I’ll use all that extra awake time to do homework.

Wish me luck!

  1. The three courses are Accounting, Economics, and the vaguely-named “Quantitative Methods.” []
  2. Where my definition of “terrible insomnia” means that I’ve lain awake for an hour or two each night, rather than falling asleep the moment my head hits the pillow. People with actual insomnia, feel free to tell me to STFU. []
  3. But which may also be due to the abrupt shift from my holiday schedule of stay up late every night, sleep in every morning and/or bf-withdrawal, since I spent the entire Christmas/New’s Week with him and have gone cold turkey this week as we are now both back to work! []

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