My New Earrings And Other Whatnots

So it feels weird to be writing a regular old blog posting after the last few weeks, but I feel like I need to get back on the blogging horse and sooner is better than later, because I feel like the longer I wait, the weirder it is going to feel. My dad loved reading my blog because it let him keep up with what I’m doing, so it only seems right to get back to writing about the minutiae of my day that my legions of fans have come to expect here at NTBTWK. Of course, it’s late (as I had a study group meeting after work today) and I’m tired and my thoughts are all over the place, so I think that means it’s time for a bulleted list.

  • I got some marks back on some of the assignments I handed in and I did surprisingly well, especially given that I submitted them from the hospital when I was in a state where I said, “I have no idea if I’ve even finished these assignments, but I should at least hand in whatever I’ve finished, as there’s no point not getting marks for whatever I’ve done up to this point. I’m just going to submit whatever is in these Word documents and hope for the best.”1
  • When I got to the office today, there was a card from my officemates including a note that they had taken up a collection and made a donation to the Brain Tumour Foundation in my Dad’s honour. I thought that was a lovely gesture. I also got a card and flowers from the management team I work with, which was really sweet. They are on my kitchen table next to the one’s Devon gave me when he picked me up at the airport. I’m spoiled.
  • Also waiting in my office were a certificate announcing the two shiny new letters I have after my name2 and the peacock feather earrings I’d ordered from the “Feather Fashionista” through one of the Groupon-type sites3:

Peacock Feather Earrings

  • Whenever I see peacock feathers, it reminds me that my Dad taught me when I was really little that these are not actually peacock tail feathers, but rather “tail covert feathers.” The peacock’s actual tail is quite short.
  • I have an unholy amount of reading to do in the next 10 days (i.e., when my next weekend of classes starts). I need to get caught up on what I missed in classes4, do the readings I should have done for those classes but just couldn’t do5, and the readings due for my next weekend of classes (March 2-4). Classes that weekend go until 5 pm on March 4 and then I have to be in Ottawa for a meeting starting at 9 am the next day. I am so not looking forward to that! As a reward for making it through that though, I’m taking three vacation days and spending the rest of the week visiting my family6.
  • I’ve started to get various tax forms in the mail – T4s from employment, charitable donation receipts, pension adjustments and the like. And I’m ridiculously excited about doing my taxes7. I think there is something wrong with me.
  • I have a massage appointment booked for tomorrow. And thank goodness – I really need a massage!
  1. I guess I had finished them, but just not proofread them. I beat the class average on all four assignments for which we’ve received marks so far, so I’m relieved at that. []
  2. I’ll post a photo once I get a frame for it and hang it in my office! []
  3. I can’t even remember which one []
  4. Thankfully, I have wonderful classmates who are willing to get me up to speed. []
  5. My brain wasn’t able to retain anything! []
  6. I just can’t pass up taking advantage of a free trip to Ontario. Dr. Dan is going to visit me in T.O. and we are going to look for doors that say “Do not enter. Authorized personel only” which we will then enter, in honour of my Dad and his love of disobeying any such sign. []
  7. By which I mean taking all these documents to my accountant and having her do my taxes []

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  • Yay for awesome colleagues and classmates!

    I also get quite excited about doing our taxes (I do Mr E Man’s too – he was overjoyed to find out that I enjoy it, ‘cos he hates it. And anyway it makes more sense to do them together). It’s the same way I love working on grant budgets from time to time – numbers are so neat and tidy compared to words! I’m not sure I could do it all the time, but it’s nice for a change.

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  • I have a love-hate relationship with grant budgets. I love thinking of all the things I want to buy with the money, but I hate calculating the nit-picky things (what is 0.1 FTE of my time worth again?)

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