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  • Adulting

    So last year I did a whole lot of condo stuff and was totally remiss at blogging about any of it. It was the result of a bunch of stuff in my place reaching end-of-life and the fact that we couldn’t really go anywhere or do anything last year (thanks, of course, to the pandemic). […]

  • A bunch of random photos

    Apparently I have broken the blogging floodgates with my recent blog postings, because here I am blogging again! I recently got myself a new iPhone because the one that I had was cursed. It was also old and slow and its battery was crap and it was constantly too full so I was always having […]

  • My New Garmin Fitness Tracker

    Two Boxing Days ago, I bought myself a Fitbit. I really enjoyed having it for the first year – it tracked my steps, my sleep, my heart rate. So much data to play with! It gave me notifications if I got a text or a phone call, which was super handy since I usually have […]

  • RIP Scarlett

    At work on Friday, I dropped my phone, much like I have done a countless times before. But this time when it landed, it made a horrible crunching sound and I knew that couldn’t be good. I picked it up, flipped it over, and saw this: My phone, affectionately named Scarlett, is a few weeks […]

  • Stuff I Learned This Year: Drywall Edition

    I’ve had my condo for more than four years now and decided it was high time to give the place a little makeover. When I bought my place, I only had a few days to move in due to multiple trips that were happening around the same time. I figured that the paint in the […]

  • A Whole New iPhone Battery

    Remember when Apple was in the news for, without telling customers,  slowing down the operation of older iPhones when the battery was low on power (which older phones are all the time because their battery life sucks) or it was cold outside (which is a constant problem for someone like me who is often at […]

  • Stuff I Learned This Year: Make-Up Expiry Edition

    So after more than a quarter of a century of wearing makeup, I recently learned that this symbol exists: It’s not on all makeup, but when it’s there, it’s a symbol of how long the make-up is good for once you open it. This mascara is good for 6 months after I opened it. And […]

  • Thanks, Past Me!

    The great thing about having a terrible memory is that when you support a Kickstarter fundraiser, by the time the thing you are funding gets released, you’ve forgotten that you funded it and then you get a surprise package in the mail. It’s like a gift from Past Me to Future (Now Present) Me! Case-in-point: […]

  • It’s Panic Time

    There are only 21 days until Christmas until Christmas and I have NO IDEA what to get anyone! Eep! I went to the New West Christmas craft market on the weekend in the hopes of finding some good gift ideas, and while there was lots of nice stuff (and tonnes of people looking at it), […]

  • NaBloPoMo Day 5 – The Forgotten Suitcase

    I’m heading out on a trip to Washington, DC for a conference and since I’ll be there for a week, I decided that I’ll need to take my comically large suitcase and not just my carry-on, because I don’t travel light and I like shoes. The suitcase in question is the purple suitcase that I bought […]

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