And A Beefy Bison

So Devon and I went for a walk around our new ‘hood on the weekend because it was so sunny and beautiful out and we wanted to check out what sort of shops and such we have within walking distance. We learned that the mall is mega-lame1 and we found a number of interesting looking restaurants that we now want to try2. And we found the Uptown Market, an adorable little shop with produce, fancy pants groceries, and meat. And not just any meat, but obscure meats that you don’t find in just any butcher shop or grocery store. Like bison. And ostrich. And freaking kangaroo!

Of course, I wanted to get the kangaroo, because, seriously, how many of you have eaten kangaroo before?3, but the guy at the butcher shop counter said that the bison and ostrich were much more popular and we should really start with one of them. Talking us out of buying the kangaroo seems liked a bad marketing decision on his part, but I’m only 4 months into my MBA, so what do I know? Anyway, we bought the bison burgers and I have to say that they were pretty freaking delicious.

Bison Burger

Bison Burger

You can’t see it, but trust me when I say that there’s a delicious bison burger in there.

In related news, bison makes me think of Boots and Cats, my nephew’s favourite Youtube video. Boot and cats and boots and cats and a beefy bison! I dare you to watch and then try not to have the song stuck in your head!

  1. Even more lame than your average mall – and I am an avowed mall hater, so if I think it’s much worse than most malls, well, that’s saying something. []
  2. Including a few hole-in-the-wall looking places that will either have the most amazing food ever or will give us food poisoning. []
  3. Erika & Paul, if you haven’t eaten kangaroo yet, I will be gravely disappointed []

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