Photo Shoot

Last weekend, I got to star in a photoshoot. I needed to get a headshot done for a super secret project that I’m not yet ready to blog about1. One of my classmates recommended Vivian of and I have to say: best. recommendation. ever!

As part of her deal, Vivian brought her hair & makeup artist, Tracey, who is awesome, and her husband/photography assistant/location scout, Carlin, who, not surprisingly, is also awesome. Tracey did a fantastic job on my hair and makeup – and taught me a few hair & makeup tricks to boot – and then we set off around my neighbourhood to snap some pics. Carlin had located some good backdrops and I had a lot of fun having my photo taken. Felt like a total celebrity as people walking down Columbia kept stopping to stare, clearly trying to figure out who the heck is this person getting photographed by a team, including a makeup artist doing hair and makeup touch ups between shots.

In the end, these are the two photos I selected:

Dr. Beth Snow

Dr. Beth Snow

I think you’ll agree – Vivian’s work is fantastic! I’m so pleased with the photos – and so thankful to Vivian, Carlin, and Tracey for putting up with my pickiness and vanity2!

Update: I forgot to add my usual disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Viv’s Photography, other than that I paid for her services and was really pleased with them, so I wanted to tell you about it!

  1. But I will be able to fairly soon, so stay tuned! []
  2. Which mostly consisted of me saying “OMG, my face looks sooo fat! Still struggling to lose the weight I’ve gained, but I think in the end Viv did a great job of hiding it for me! []

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