As you read this, I’m somewhere between New Westminster and a field full of zombies. You see, I’m writing today’s blog posting yesterday – er, well, what will be yesterday by the time you read this – and it will be – er, has been –  automagically posted by the magic of the Internets while I am driving down to Onalaska, WA. I figured I should schedule something to post because I won’t have had time to write something before we left, as we left early in the a.m. to try to beat the long weekend border traffic1 and then I don’t know how long we’ll be staying at the Apocalypse Party after the zombie race and therefore I don’t know what time we’ll be getting into our hotel in Portland and don’t want to have to write a posting this evening after all the driving and being chased by a zombie horde2 just to keep up with my August Challenge. Don’t worry, I’ll be blogging about being chased by hordes of zombies for sure, I just don’t want to have to do so tonight, since I’m sure we’ll have many exciting things to do upon our arrival in Portlandia.

In related news, I finally got around to buying a bistro set for my balcony, so I wrote this posting sitting here:

bistro set

And enjoying this view:


Note: the picture doesn’t really do it justice.

Also, I bought a new camera, so I expect I’ll be posting more pictures than I have been lately. Like pictures of me being eaten by zombies. Incidentally, I’m in the 2 pm PDT wave of the zombie race, so wish me luck that I’m fast and agile – or at least that zombies eat people other than me!

  1. Fingers crossed that we made it! []
  2. Ha! As I was just proofreading this posting, I noticed that I’d written “zombie horders” instead of “zombie hordes.” Which (a) isn’t even the right spelling of “hoarders” and (b) omg, zombies hoarders would be the worst. I mean, what would zombies hoard, anyway? Brains? Or wait, it could be people who collect lots of zombies, like [SPOILER ALERT] that old guy in the Walking Dead was doing that in the barn. []

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  • Run quick…run fast…
    or at least faster than another runner and the zombies!
    I’m so excited for you…should be a great run.


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