Sunny With A Chance of Braaaaaains!

So I checked the forecast for this weekend, and apparently it’s going to be hotter than hell at the zombie race this weekend:

Onalaska forecast

Onalaska Forecast 2

38 degrees??? That’s insanity! The zombies won’t have a chance to eat me – I’m going to die of heat stroke first!

In preparation for the upcoming zombie-eating-Beth fest, I decided to try out the Zombies, Run! app1. It’s an iPhone app that you use while you are out running – it’s plays an audiotrack that tells you a storyline as you run. A storyline about you (affectionately known as “Runner #5”) during a zombie apocalypse. You can select to have the “zombie chase” option on or off – I chose “on”, naturally – and the “zombie chase” options means that at random times, the audio will tell you that zombies are chasing you and you have to sprint! It’s sort of a highly motivating interval training system. I only went out for a *very* short run this evening to test out the app, so I didn’t get chased by any zombies yet.

Here’s a summary of my “mission” so far2:



It’s probably a pretty good thing that I picked up a radio, some tinned food, and some first aid kits, but I’m not sure why I needed to pick up a sports bra (WTF?). You can do as much of a given “mission” as you like on a run, and then pick it up again next time from where you left off. Next time I intend to do a much longer run and hopefully I’ll get chased by some zombies at some point.

Though I should point out that while I wasn’t actually chased by any zombies, there was a point where I was told some were nearby and I could hear them breathing. You can actually pinpoint when that happened on my Runkeeper summary of the run3 – the shorter the bar in the following graph, the faster the pace4:

annotated runkeeper

I’m hoping that means that I will, in fact, sprint when being chased by zombies this weekend!

  1. I know I just sound like a broken record but again, no affiliation with this company. []
  2. Note that for parts of your run, you are just listing to whatever music playlist you want to listen to, and then the radio transmissions break in. “Bananas and Blow” is a song on my running playlist – I didn’t actually pick up bananas or blow as part of my “mission” []
  3. As I was also using my Runkeeper app to track the run, because I didn’t know if the Zombies, Run! app recorded distance and time for you. []
  4. Except for the bars that are just a dot at the bottom – that’s when you are just standing still []

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  • All I can say is “38 feels like 38” is NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!! Try “38 feels like HELLLLLLLLLLL!” Which, I suppose, with zombies chasing you, might be what you experience.

    But remember… you don’t have to run faster than the fastest zombies… you just have to run faster than the other people they are chasing! Also, pray it’s not 28 Days Later zombie, because then you are toast.


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