Feeling Organized

Tonight marks the end of my holidays – for tomorrow I head back to work. My clothes for work tomorrow are selected and hang waiting for me to put them on in the morning. My lunch1 is packed and waiting for me to bring to work. I’ve laid out a bowl and spoon on the kitchen table to remind me to actually eat breakfast – cottage cheese, fruit, and a hard-boiled egg (the  latter of which I made along with a few extras for the next couple of days).

I’ve set up my physical activity tracking spreadsheet for the new year2 and scheduled in this week’s planned physical activities on my calendar. I’ve successful completed three days in a row where I actually did some physical activity! I’ve also decided on the 101 list item I want to tackle for January: #78 – “sort through my many boxes of papers (most of which contain papers from my thesis), recycling the papers I don’t need and filing the ones I do need”3. I also managed to get a few nagging tasks completed – just little things that I’d been meaning to do since forever that I finally did.

My white board has been wiped clean of last year’s to-do list and stands ready with the few items I have pending – a paper to complete the last module4 I took before the holidays and the first readings for the course I start on Monday5. There’s lots of white space on the board now – which I’m sure will fill up in due time.

I’m feeling very organized at the moment and very thankful that I had such a restful holiday. I really needed the time to rest, relax, recharge, and get organized for the new year. Here’s hoping I can maintain this whole organization thing for more than a few days!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to get to bed at a decent hour!

  1. Leftover lasagna, made with homemade sauce that is chalk chock-full of vegetables. []
  2. One that Dr. Dan generously shared with me last year and that I updated for my planned activities for 2013. []
  3. I’ve already completed a fair bit of this compared to when I came up with that item, and figure that I really should just bite the bullet and get the rest done! []
  4. The topic of the module was Managing Patient Flow and the paper requires that I choose a journal article that focuses on operations research and write about how I could relate that to my own work. []
  5. Public Health Leadership. []