Day: January 6, 2013

January 2013
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Watson always naps on the top of the cat tree and Crick used to like the shelf below that. This is where Watson napped today. 😢
Yesterday at about 3 am, we had to say good bye to my sweet baby Crick. She had nasal lymphoma, which then caused her to go blind a couple of week ago. We tried chemo, which has a fairly good success rate for this type of cancer, but then she had a seizure. The cancer had spread to her brain and was untreatable and so we had to let her go. She died peacefully in my arms and we are crushed. She was a very special kitty and will be deeply missed.
Today I met the lovely staff at the newly opened @seriouscoffeeplaza88 So excited they are open now - I’ve been to Serious Coffee on the Island before and really like their coffee, so I’m stoked to be able to get it here now. And the staff are super friendly! #RediscoverNewWest
Tried a “two ingredient healthy brownie recipe”. The 2 ingredients = banana + cocoa. Looks like a brownie, but tastes like... banana. The frosting recipe that was with this recipe was coconut oil + cocoa + maple syrup. Tastes like coconut and nothing else. Overpowers even the banana of the not-brownie. Would not recommend. Unless you like coconut a lot.
Birthday milkshake @burgerheaven_ !
In an effort to stop my cat from eating the light bulbs on the #Christmas tree, I dried some orange slices (thanks for the inspiration, @evolvedesigns!) and hung them as decorations, because apparently cats don’t like the smell of citrus. We shall see if this actually works.