2013 Goals – How Am I Doing?

We are now officially halfway through the year1, so I figured it was a good time to do a check in on my goals for 2013.

Goal #1: Lose the 15 lbs that I gained since starting my MBA. – I’m down ~5lbs, which I’m pretty happy about. I attribute this to half marathon training, paying more attention to what I’m eating, and drinking less by virtue of the fact that I live alone, and since I don’t usually drink alone, I’m having fewer incidental beers than when there was someone around to say “Hey, want a beer?”. I’m sure that taking transit, with the resulting extra walking everyday2 and taking the 13 flights of stairs up to my new office, will also help in this regard.

Goal #2: Pay off my car. DONE!

Goal #3: Run a sub-2 hour half marathon. Not yet, but if my weight loss continues3 and I really apply myself, I don’t think this is impossible for a fall half.

Goal #4: Run 2 half marathons this year. With the Edge-to-Edge under my belt, this goal is 50% complete! I am *still* waiting for the school schedule to be finalized for the fall so I can make my decisions about what classes I’m going take and thus what my fall half marathon options are4.

Goal #5: Run 400 km 600 km5. According to my handy dandy physical activity tracking spreadsheet6, I’m slightly behind schedule, having run 255.69 km or 42.61% of my goal. But I did skip a lot of my training runs for the Edge-to-Edge half, and if I truly want to try for a sub-2hr half marathon in the fall, I’ll need to do more of the scheduled training runs, so I think I can catch up on this one7.

Goal #6: Bike 500 km. I’m super behind on this goal, having biked only a mere 44.84 km or 9% of my goal! I did, however, try biking to my new office on the weekend, just to see what the route is like. The route is totally doable and it’s 15 km round trip, so that could really add up if I get into the habit of biking to work.

Goal #7: Do 1,300 pushups. I’m kicking ass on this one, having completed 1,070 pushups or 82% of my goal already! Go me!

Goal #8: Go on a fabulous vacation! This is actually happening! I have a longer blog post in the works about this, but as I mentioned before, I’m going to go to Europe for the first time in my life in August. Everything is booked and now it’s just the (impatiently) waiting!

Goal #9: Make 10 meals that I’ve never made before. I’m 60% done this, having made the following things that I’d never made before: (1) Cornish hen, (2) ham & cheese crepes, (3) lamb shoulder chop, (4) bison stew, (5) Caesar salad8, and (6) clam chowder. Ideas I have on my list of stuff I want to try making include eggplant parmesan, tuna mignon, paella, pulled pork, and pheasant. I’m also accepting ideas and recipes if you have any!

Goal #10: Redesign my blog. Haven’t even given this one a moment’s thought9.

Goal #11: Knock 13 items off my 101 list of things to do in 1001 days. I had such a good plan to pick an item each month and then I’d only need to accomplish one extra one to get this done. But apparently I didn’t actually stick the part of the plan where I had to actually *do* the things I picked for each month. So far, I’ve managed to accomplish four things from the list10. I have two others lined up that will be accomplished within a month11, which will almost catch me up to where I should be. Clearly, I need to spend a little more time focused on this!

Goal #12: Make $113,000. Not sure how I’m going to pull this one off, but stranger things have happened! I did recently get my first royalty cheque, so perhaps if sales of my textbook take off, this could be easy!

Goal #13: Publish 213 blog postings. Not doing so hot on this one. I’ve only published 56 measly posts – or 26% of my goal – so far this year. The last few months have been particularly sparse, so I think I need to kick start this with a declaration of “I shall blog every day in July!” Challenge accepted!

  1. I’m purposely scheduling this to post at noon, as that will be day 182.5, which is exactly half of 365 days! Because I’m nerdy like that. []
  2. Or possibly biking to work some days []
  3. i.e., less weight to carry while running will make me go faster! []
  4. My program’s schedule is available, but I’m thinking of taking a course or two from the full-time MBA program, so I need to know what the class schedule is for that so I can see if any of the courses I’m interested in are offered at times that I can actually attend. []
  5. I originally put 400 km, but then when I created my spreadsheet with my monthly goals and factored in that I intended to train for 2 half marathons, I decided that 400 km was too easy. []
  6. Did I mention my nerdery? []
  7. Once the current heat wave we are experiencing ends. Because 30 degrees C is just way too hot to go running, imho. []
  8. From scratch! With the anchovies and the coddled egg and everything! Which I made with my sister! []
  9. Though I have been thinking about setting up my “professional” blog site, so maybe I should do an overhaul of this one at the same time? []
  10. 78. Clean up my boxes of papers! 66. Write in journal every day for a month! 25. bake at least one thing per month for 12 months in a row (Which I totally should blog about) and 16. buy a pantsuit (which I just did yesterday!). []
  11. 65. go to a Vancouver Canadians game (since Cath and I bought a Groupon to do just that) and 55. leave the continent (the aforementioned European holiday). []

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