The Suit

In case you ever doubted that women’s clothing sizes make no sense whatsoever, get this. I had some Groupons for the Le Chateau Outlet, which tickles me in the cheapness centre of my brain, because outlets are already super discounted and the Groupons gave me $180 worth of buying power for a mere $90. So off I went the other day to the outlet to see what sort of goodies I could purchase. I found a lovely suit – and since “buy a pantsuit” is on my list of 101 things to do, it seemed perfect. The suit (i.e., blazer & pants) cost was $100, and since I had my half-off Groupons, it meant I was getting it for only $50 of my own money. Score! I tried the suit on and, much to my chagrin, the size 3/4 pants were too tight, so I had to get the 5/61. Then I noticed that in addition to the blazer and pants, I could also get a skirt for this suit, making it more versatile. Add to that the fact that the skirt only cost $20 – or $10 with my Groupon – and I’d be crazy not to get it. So I try on the size 5/6 shirt and I’m swimming in it. So then I try on the 3/4 and it’s also way too big. I ended up needing the size 1/2! Now, remember, I’m not just talking about clothing from the same store being drastically different in size here – I’m talking about two pieces for the same suit! How can my lower half be a size 5/6 while simultaneously being a size 1/2?

Just to make it more confusing, the jacket is a size S. Because consistency apparently is not their strong suit2.

I would totally take a picture of me in said suit, except that it’s 1 million degrees out3, which is far too warm for wearing a suit. Perhaps that will be a blog posting for the next International Suit Up Day!

  1. Though I have lost ~5 lbs, my fat tends to stick around in my middle, meaning I have toned calves and have lost some of the fat from my arms & face, but my thighs and tummy still need work. []
  2. Did you see what I did there? []
  3. Not that I’m complaining – I’m loving this summer weather! []

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