Ghost Post and Injured Hand

Yesterday I totally wrote and posted a blog posting about how I’m going to do National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) again this year, for the sixth year running. It was a fairly reasonable sized post and I put the NaBloPoMo badge into it and everything. Except when I just came on here to write today’s blog posting, I noticed that the one I posted yesterday is missing. It’s not published. It’s not in my Drafts folder. It’s not in the Trash folder. It’s gone completely missing! So apparently the Internet got hungry and ate my posting, resulting in an epic fail of NaBloPoMo’ing on *the very first day of the month*! Thanks a lot, WordPress!

Anyhoo, what I was intending to write today about was how one of the problems that occurs when I don’t blog for awhile – I mean, aside from that fact that my legions of fans are curled up in the fetal position, longing for my brilliant writing to brighten up their days – is that my mom doesn’t know what’s going on in my life, because she’s not on Twitter or Facebook. Case in point: my injured hand.


In the second of my two hockey games last Sunday, I decided on one of my first few shifts of the game, that it would be a good idea to put my hand in the path of a puck. A puck that the other team was trying to fire out of their end. And they were trying to do that in very close proximity to my aforementioned hand. In my defence, I did manage to keep the puck in their end, so it was mission accomplished. Of course, we ended up losing the game 9-0, so I think that perhaps my keeping the puck in their end that one time was maybe not all that important to the overall competition. And it sure did hurt a lot. And it also meant that anytime I tried to squeeze my stick with my left hand, I experienced a shooting pain in my hand. But really, you only need to hold your stick when you are shooting, passing, stick handling, or taking face offs (and I was playing centre), so really, it’s not like those are important parts of playing hockey, right?

Day 113

Anyway, I proceeded to ice my hand that night and the next day, on the advice of one of the physicians in my office1, I started wrapping it with with a tensor bandage. Now, the tensor bandage on the injured hand serves three important purposes: (1) To provide support to the injured hand; (2) To remind me not to do stuff with said injured hand, as I tend to forget it’s injured and then absent-mindedly pick something up with it and it hurts like a mofo; and (3) To garner sympathy.

Day 114

The tensor bandage has been successfully achieving all three purposes.

In terms of healing, it started to hurt less by Thursday, but then it started to ache on Friday and has been achy all of today. I’m not able to play in my hockey game tomorrow because I’m going to be in class all day, but that’s probably a good thing as trying to play would probably only aggravate it. I’m really hoping that by next Sunday’s game, I’ll be all better!

  1. The physician’s official diagnosis was, “Yeah, that’s going to hurt for a while.” And another physician in the office gave the prognosis of, “That’s a character building injury.” []

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