Sick :(

Back when I was a student the first time around, I often got sick after the end of exams. My theory was that during exams I was stressed out, so my cortisol levels were high and one effect of cortisol is to suppress your immune response. Which meant you were susceptible to catching germs and once exams were over and your cortisol levels came down, your immune system kicked back in and started fighting off those germs, resulting in the symptoms of the cold or flu or whatever it was you were sick with.

Well, apparently things are different in my old age because even though I’m not quite finished with my 6 weeks of crazy school times (I have a client presentation for my digital marketing class on Saturday and a paper and presentation for my health care management class on Monday, then a couple of things left for my philosophy/business ethics course), I’m sick. It started with a sore throat on Saturday1 and now I’m sniffly, sneezy, and headache-y. Do. Not. Like.

  1. The last time I had a sore throat the night before a half marathon, it turned out that I had H1N1 influenza, so as long as this illness doesn’t isn’t a pandemic, it’ll be an improvement over that time! []

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