On Monday, I decided to treat myself to some fancy nails, as I had my grad photos taken that day1 I figured that since I’d be holding scrolls and flowers and whatnot in my grad photos, I should have some nicely French manicured hands. And it turns out the only thing that looks good in my grad photos are my nails because I am the least photogenic person EVER2.

Day 141


  1. My convocation isn’t until May, but we had to get our photos done by Dec 1 in order to be in the class composite. []
  2. Unlike when I take my own photo and I can take eleventy billion shots in order to get one where I don’t look hideous, at the grad photo studio you get 16 shots, which is not nearly enough to get one good one of me, as my ratio of bad photos to good is, did I mention?, eleventy billion to one. []

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