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  • If my blog were a person, it would be old enough to vote

    If my blog were a person, it would be old enough to vote. And to drink alcohol in some provinces. Over these past 18 years, I’ve published 3,150 blog postings (or I will have as soon as I click “publish” on this one). I also have 82 draft postings just sitting there waiting for me […]

  • I Really Should Not Be Trusted With Knives

    I have now well and truly earned my blog title.  At Christmas, we got ourselves a very fancy set of very sharp Japanese knives. I watched videos on how to properly use these very, very sharp knives, but apparently last night I forgot the importance of using a claw grip to hold the food that […]

  • NaBloPoMo 2020 – Day 1

    So it’s freaking November and, as has become usual these past few years, I’ve been abysmal at blogging. I keep thinking of things that I want to blog, but then never make the time to sit down and do it1. So I decided to reach way back to the earlier times when blogging was a […]

  • Happy 15th Blogiversary to Me!

    Somehow, I have been blogging for 15 years. Not sure how that’s possible, but given that in these pandemic-y times a month seems like a year, maybe I’ve only been blogging for 15 months? Who knows, really? It is impossible to tell. Despite my long and storied blogging career, it has come to my attention […]

  • Half Way Goals Check-In

    So, the year is half over. I know that every year I, like most people, marvel at how fast the year is going by, this year it’s way worse than previous years. Like, the year is half over and I haven’t really done anything… and I haven’t even planned stuff. Anyhoo, I thought that maybe […]

  • 28 Days Later

    This blog posting is kind of pointless and you probably don’t even need to read it. So the last time you saw me here, I was in the midst of the busiest work thing I’ve ever done. It managed to stay that same level of crazy for about a month and settled down just in […]

  • Nerd Stats 2017

    Another year goes by, another row gets added to my table of nerd stats. . Blog postings Tweets1 Visits to my blog Average number of blog visits per day Busiest day on my blog 2008 423 2,227 32,410 93 Sept 26, 2008 (460 views) 2009 357 1,815 45,153 126 July 25, 2009 (1,181 views) 2010 […]

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 30 – On A Roll

    And so endth another National Blog Posting Month. As predicted, I mostly blogged about inconsequential minutiae, but at least it got me back in the habit of writing everyday. I just looked at last year’s end of NaBloPoMo posting to see what I wrote about and it reminded me that I should probably check out […]

  • Nerd Stats 2015

    Ordinarily I would post this at some point on Dec 31, but since I was in Ottawa for a friend’s wedding, I was too busy to put these stats together (along with my next two postings, which are a review of my 2015 goals and my goals for 2016). So instead, I’m posting them today! […]

  • WordPress’s Annual Blogging Report

    WordPress just sent me my annual blogging report, which informed me that my blog has been viewed 34,000 times this year! My busiest day was Nov 23, with 513 views, mostly on this blog posting, which for some reason got pingbacks on two sites that stole this article from the Guardian. The report also claims that I’ve […]

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