I’m not actually FaceTime-ing with my cats

So I’m on vacation now until the new year. My last day of work for 2015 was actually Monday – it was a bit weird to work a one day work week, but essentially, what I did was take how many vacation days I had left to use this year1 and counted backwards and that’s what I landed on.

In honour of my vacation, I wanted to share this photo that my co-worker Diana took of me. She thought it was very hilarious how relaxed I looked:

Me at work

In my defence, I was reading a bunch of journal articles and this was just way more comfortable than sitting normally at my desk. Also, my office is a bit chilly, so I had a blanket on my lap, which makes me look even more cosy.

When I looked at the photo later, I realized that it kind of looks like I’m FaceTime-ing with my cats. In truth, I just have a photo of my cats as my desktop photo. I’m a crazy cat lady, but I’m not *that* far gone!

  1. As we were encouraged not to carry over and vacation days ’til next year, as things are expected to be crazy busy on our project… even more so than they have been already, which is saying something []

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