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Advent Calendar

Early in November, my mom and sister sent me a present in the mail, but they said I couldn’t open it until December 1. So that present sat on a shelf until I put up my Christmas tree, at which time I put it under the said tree and it has been sitting there taunting me ever since then!

Advent calendar

But finally today was the day and I got to open it! And it turned out to be…. an Advent calendar with make-up!

Advent calendar

Advent calendar
Advent calendar

And today’s present was… eye shadow!

Advent calendar

Advent calendar

So first of all, I love the little tiny size! You actually aren’t supposed to keep makeup for very long after you open it because bacteria can get it in ruin it – but I end up keeping my make up for quite a while because packages contain so much and there’s usually so much left by the time you are supposed to through it away. With small packages, you might actually have a chance to use it all up!

Secondly, that little package has a magnet on the back, so you could actually attach all these little packages to a wall if you had a metal surface on which to attach them. I”ll havee to see what I can find – otherwise I’m going to be storing my makeup on the side of my fridge!

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  1. Lynn Griffin says:

    This is great….what a fabulous gift….looking marvelous now!

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