I decided to take this week off work. Figured it was a good chance to recharge my brain before I have to really start prepping for my fall classes. Plus Scott and I went to Kelowna this weekend and I got some produce that I want to pickle, so I figured that it’s better to do that during the week while the produce is still nice and fresh. And, as previously mentioned, I have a bunch of little things that I want to do around the condo, so since COVID has taken any substantial travel off the table, I figured that I may as well make the best of it.

The things I want to do off the top of my head:

  • make pickles and spicy pickled green beans
  • paint the insides of my closets1
  • steal Kimli’s idea and do this with my spices2
  • frame photos/artwork and hang it on my walls
  • organized the eight million papers I brought home from my office so that I don’t have giant piles of paper all over my home office

I also thought I’d check out my 101 things to do in 1001 days list to see if there is anything on that list that I could get done. Much to my surprise, that 1001 days ends in October! Quite a few things on the list are travel-related3, so I’ll just have to concentrate on the non-travel-y ones. Some of the ones I think I can do include:

  • Make Christmas presents for at least 5 people for a single Christmas
  • Make something useful with my chalkboard paint
  • Mend Baby Mr. Moveable Bear’s paws
  • Make a list of all the gift cards I have
  • Spend all the gift cards on that list
  • Compile a list of all my accounts and other relevant information for the executrix of my will
  • Make homemade marshmallows
  • Eat at Hawksworth
  • Make a key lime pie
  • Make Eggs Benedict
  • Mend all the clothes in my “to fix” box
  • Finish Konmari-ing my apartment
  • Frame my New Westminster map
  • Refinish my kitchen table
  • Refinish my bedside table
  • Clear all the draft blog postings out of my “Drafts” folder (either finishing writing them or give up on the idea and delete it)
  • Make a list of 100 things for which I’m grateful.
  • Make a living will
  • Complete a healthcare proxy document
  • Establish a regular mindfulness meditation routine
  • Publish 333 blog postings during these 1001 days

That should keep me busy!

  1. I have leftover paint from when I got the condo painted and figure that paining the insides of the closets is a nice, low stakes way to do some painting, since I’ve never painted before. []
  2. I’ve ordered the necessary jars and magnets, so will do this once they arrive. []
  3. Oh Beth of the Before Times, if you only knew! []

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