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  • BC Premier #22 – John Hart

    So, yeah, remember like a million years ago when I was writing a series of postings on BC Premiers – one posting every Sunday – as an excuse to learn a bit about BC history?  And then I kind of just didn’t do it for the last eight months?  Well, I’ve decided to start doing […]

  • BC Premier #21: Thomas Dufferin Pattullo

    Good news: I’m blogging after four whole days without blogging1.  Bad news: I’m back to writing boring blog postings about ancient BC premiers. And, with that, here’s all the information you never wanted to know about the 21st Premier of the Province of British Columbia! Name Thomas Dufferin Pattullo Born: January 19, 1873 in Woodstock, […]

  • BC Premier #20 – Simon Fraser Tolmie

    The 20th Premier of the Province of British Columbia was Simon Fraser Tolmie. I have no idea if he was related to the explorer Simon Fraser after whom the University, the river and a billion other things in BC were named. He doesn’t appear to have been a direct descendant, as Simon Fraser the Explorer […]

  • BC Premier #19 – John Duncan MacLean

    Today’s entry in my BC Premier Series is going to be short, as apparently John Duncan MacLean was the least memorable person in history. There’s a teeny tiny entry on him in Wikipedia and there isn’t even an entry on him in the Canadian Biography Online and you know as well as I do that […]

  • BC Premier #18 – The Premier Who Is Not On the Daily Show With John Stewart

    Name John Oliver Born: July 31, 1856 in Hartington, England Died: August 17, 1927 in Victoria, BC Party: Liberal Held Office: March 6, 1918 to August 17, 1927 from a farming family that immigrated to Maryborough Township, Ontario, Canada in 1870 his mother died from rheumatic fever in 1875 moved west at age 20 and […]

  • BC Premier #16 – William John Bowser

    There is very, very little information available online about the 16th Premier of the Province of British Columbia – William John Bowser!  And I’m too lazy to go to the library and read actual books, so today’s entry is a short one! Name William John Bowser Born: December 3, 1867 in Rexton, New Brunswick Died: […]

  • BC Premier #15 – The Premier Who Liked To Party Party

    Sir Richard McBride, the 15th Premier of the Province of British Columbia. Name Sir Richard McBride, KCMG Born: December 15, 1870 in New Westminster, BC Died: August 6, 1917) in London, UK Party: BC Conservative Held Office: June 1, 1903 – December 15, 1915 considered the founder of the (now pretty much defunct1) BC Conservative […]

  • BC Premier #14 – Mr. Conflict-of-Interest McElection-Rules-Violations

    The 14th Premier of the Province of British Columbia, Mr. Conflict-of-Interest McElection-Rules-Violations. Name Edward Gawler Prior Born: Dallowgill, England on May 21, 1853 Died: December 12, 1920 in Victoria, BC Party: none Held Office: November 21, 1902 to June 1, 1903 came to BC after practising as a mining engineer until 1873 1886: won a […]

  • BC Premier #13 – James Dunsmuir

    Look at me – posting in my BC Premier series two weeks in a row! Go me! This week’s installments gives us James Dunsmuir, the 13th person to be Premier of BC and (possibly) the guy that Dunsmuir Street is named after. Name James Dunsmuir Born: July 8, 1851 in Fort Vancouver Died: June 6, […]

  • BC Premier#12 – The Premier From Milton!

    Hey, remember when I used to write postings every Sunday about BC Premiers? And then I got all busy and such and said I was proroguing my series until the classes I was teaching were done?  And then my classes ended by I’ve just been lazy since then?  Yeah, while I’m totally making a comeback, […]