BC Premier #16 – William John Bowser

There is very, very little information available online about the 16th Premier of the Province of British Columbia – William John Bowser!  And I’m too lazy to go to the library and read actual books, so today’s entry is a short one!

Name William John Bowser
Born: December 3, 1867 in Rexton, New Brunswick
Died: October 25, 1933 in Vancouver, BC
Party: Conservative
Held Office: December 15, 1915 to November 23, 1916
  • 1890: called to the bar after studying law at Dalhousie
  • 1901: moved to Vancouver to practice law
  • 1903: first elected to the provincial legislature as a Conservative
  • 1904-1905: Grand Master of the provincial Masons
  • 1907-1915: served as Attorney General in the McBride administration
  • 1916: lost the election to Harlan Carey Brewster’s Liberal party.  Bowser inherited a very unpopular Conservative party from McBride, suffering from accusations of corruption and their ignored the public’s demands for women’s suffrage and prohibition didn’t help either.
  • 1916-1924: served as the leader of the opposition
  • 1924: lost his seat in the legislature
  • 1933: his attempt to return to the provincial legislature leading a non-partisan group was hampered by his dying during the election campaign

In summary, no one appears to care much about this guy.  The end.

Image credits: Accessed from Wikipedia. In the public domain. w00t!


  • Wikipedia, the reference of that only had a stub entry about Bowser.  So, I added some stuff – specifically, I added the box on the right hand side that has a summary of birth date, death date, etc. Because I’m awesome like that.  Although I had trouble with adding the photo, so if anyone out there is a Wikipedia editing superstar, let me know if you can figure out how to fix it!
  • Canadian Encyclopedia
  • Masons – Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon

Note: there were a few other websites that showed up in my Google search for W.J.B., but all of them were just plagairized from Wikipedia.

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