Belated Halloween Posting

I have been quite remiss about blogging lately! I remember in October thinking “I should do NaBloMoPo1 again and then somehow it’s halfway through November and I hadn’t posted2. But once I got on my blog to write a posting for my mom’s birthday, that got me thinking that I really should do a posting about my Halloween costume because it was kind of awesome, if I do say so myself.

This year I decided to dress up as a COVID vaccine.

There is a bit of a backstory to this. My friends Cath, Mark, Mel, and I decided to go to a Canucks game. Having people in the arena for hockey games is a thing again and since there is a requirement that anyone entering the building must be vaccinated, we felt safe enough to do it. At first the requirement was just one dose, but on Oct 24 it became two doses (as they had to give people enough time after they announced it to get their two doses). So we decided to wait until there were two doses required to go to a game. Mel is an Oilers fan and there just so happened to be an Oilers-Canucks game on Oct 30, so we picked that one. And being that it was the day before Halloween, we decided that wearing costumes was in order.

Our first thought was to wear Squid Games costumes. Cath has a coat like the Front Man, so we thought she could be the front man, Mel and I could be the guards in the pink jumpsuits, and Mark could be a player. Unfortunately, our plan was foiled by two things: (1) thanks to supply chain issues3, if we ordered Squid Game costumes, they wouldn’t arrive until halfway through November, (2) other than the Squid Game player costume, the other costumes require mask that would make it obstruct our vision and since the the entire point of going to a hockey game is watch the hockey game, that made this costume idea less than ideal.

Then Cath came up with the idea that we could dress up as vaccines! Cath was AZ, as she was the only one in our group who had an AZ shot. Mark had a Moderna shot, so he was Moderna. Mel and I were both double Pfizer-BioNTechs, so she was Pfizer and I was BioNTech!

My costume got double duty, as I also wore it to the gym for the annual Halloween costume contest, which I finally won after many years of trying4. I added the Pfizer logo to my BioNTech shirt because without Mel next to me with her Pfizer shirt, it felt incompleted. I also got an honourable mention in the office contest5.

So, for the record6, here’s my 2021 Halloween cosutme: A Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine:

Halloween costume: a vaccine

And here’s a better photo of the syringe hat, which I took to send to my Halloween costume consultants, Jeff and Nancy, right after I made it:

Halloween costume: a vaccine

I got a lot of compliments on my costume at the gym, on the Skytrain ride to and from the game, at the stadium, and at the pubs both pre- and post-game.

And here’s a photo of Mel and I at Steamworks for some post-game drinks:

Two vaccines walk into a bar

While I went for syringe and needle on my head, Mel went the opposite – syringe plunger on her head!

I appear to have not taken a photo of Cath & Mark. #Fail.

  1. i.e., write a blog posting every day in November []
  2. Until yesterday. []
  3. Again, this pandemic continues to school me in the importance of supply chain! []
  4. In truth, I think I may have been the only one who wore a costume to the gym this year, as it got announced pretty late. With the pandemic still kicking around and the gym manager away on mat leave, the contest sort of got forgotten until I asked one of the trainers about it when morning when I was working out. So it got announced and then it’s quite possible that I was the only one competing. But a win is a win, so I’ll take it! []
  5. Which just consisting of sending in a photo of your Halloween costume or decorations, since people are still transitioning back to the office and also we can’t really gather in big groups anyway, due to room occupancy restrictions []
  6. This blog is “the record”, right? []

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