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  • Kid Pile

    When I was little and my extended family got together, my dad would make a kid pile. He’d toss me and my sister and all my cousins in a pile and then we’d try to get out of the kid pile and then he’d toss us back onto the kid pile. It was a simple […]

  • Nine Years

    A year ago today I was watching the Leafs play the Habs and thinking about how it had been eight years since my dad had his last conscious thought. Today I’m getting ready to watch the Leafs play the Canucks and thinking about how it can possibly be that it’s been nine years since I […]

  • The rumours of Ogopogo’s death have been greatly exaggerated

    I’m here to issue a first ever Not To Be Trusted With Knives correction! After I posted about how the city of Kelowna tore down the statue of Ogopogo that I love to visit , my friend Sandra emailed to let me know that it was actually a *different* Ogopogo statue – a giant Ogopogo […]

  • Farewell, Sweet Lake Monster

    So I’m pretty sad that the city of Kelowna smashed up the Ogopogo statue. I first met the illustrious Ogopogo on my first trip to Kelowna, when I went there with a band of travelling scientists. True story.  Me and a band of traveling scientists, sitting on a lake monster. As one does. Whenever I […]

  • Six Years Now

    Each week in the newsletter at work, they do a short profile of someone working on the project. Just a few questions, like “What’s the last book you read?”, “What’s your favourite place you’ve ever visited?”, and “If you could have dinner with someone, alive or dead, who would it be?” A few weeks ago, […]

  • Baby Mr. Moveable Bear

    My mom found this teddy bear from my childhood and gave it to me while I was in Ontario for the holidays: My sister had one like this that was bigger – his name was Mr. Moveable Bear, because you can move his arms and legs at the at the joints1. Mine was named “Baby […]

  • PhDiversary

    Can you believe that it was a decade ago that my PhD was bestowed upon me? A *decade*!! I just cannot believe it has been 3,653 days since I walked across the convocation stage in my fancy shoes, my garish pink robe, and my puffy hat and officially became Dr. Beth. A lot has happened […]

  • A Wild Pidgey Appears

    When my dad was young, he and his brothers would go hunting with my grandpa. My dad’s older brother, Bob, used to say that if he died, he would be reincarnated as a duck and then one day when his brothers were out hunting, they would take aim at a duck, but would miss and […]

  • One of my favourite Dad stories

    When my dad was young, he was in the Sea Cadets1. And when you got in trouble in Sea Cadets – which for my Dad was, apparently, quite frequently – they made you do chores. Now, my dad hated to do the dishes2, so when he was assigned to dish duty, he made a big […]

  • Jumpstart

    I’ve been watching a lot of the World Juniors Hockey Championship Tournament this year, since for the first time in eleventy billion years I have cable TV1. The games go by pretty fast compared to NHL games, as there are a lot fewer TV timeouts, but when there are commercials, they’ve played a lot of […]

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