Kid Pile

When I was little and my extended family got together, my dad would make a kid pile. He’d toss me and my sister and all my cousins in a pile and then we’d try to get out of the kid pile and then he’d toss us back onto the kid pile. It was a simple game but it was so much fun. When my cousins started to have kids, they too would be in a kid pile. My dad has been gone for 12 years now. A whole dozen years. It’s a grey day here in New Westminster and that seems the right weather for how I feel.

To help brighten my day, here’s a picture of a bunch of pigeons:

Copy Cat Pigeons

And here’s a drawing of a chicken pulling a cart that I found while looking for a photo of pigeons:

Image from page 76 of "Illustrated and descriptive catalogue of garden, field and flower seeds : agricultural and horticultural implements, fertilizers, etc." (1899)

Image credits:

  • Pigeon photo posted on Flickr with a Creative Commons license
  • Chicken drawing posted on Flickr with a Creative Commons license

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