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  • Work-work-work-life balance

    Recently, some colleagues at work and I were discussing how Vancouver is so expensive (and our salaries are, relatively speaking, so low), it’s not just that households need two incomes – you kind of need like 3 or 4 incomes to have the kind of standard of living that previous generations had with a 1-2 […]

  • Meet Your Second Wife

    On the weekend, while falling down the rabbit hole that is the “Recommended” video section on YouTube, I came across this old SNL video that made me laugh harder than I have in a really long time. And I laugh all the time, so that’s saying something. At any rate, I’m posting it here to […]

  • Summertime

    Summer is here! After a few rainy days last week, it was all sunshine and 28 degrees on Saturday and Sunday! Things I enjoyed this weekend, in no particular order: sitting on my balcony where my herb garden is growing like gangbusters, drinking coffee and doing some writing walking along the New West Quay, where […]

  • Bathroom Door – Open or Closed?

    The office that I’m currently working in is a house that’s been converted to office space1. Yesterday at work we had a discussion about whether the bathroom door in said house should be open or closed when no one is in it. Whenever I see the bathroom door closed, I assume someone is in it […]

  • It’s time for a bulleted list!

    As usual, I have so many things I’d like to blog about and so little time, mostly because all of the aforementioned things taking up all of my time1. So, in the interest of getting all these things out of my brain, I give you this brain dump in the form of a bulleted list: […]

  • Things I Did On My Long Weekend, in No Particular Order

    attended a Canada Day event at the Gallery in Queen’s Park as part of board of the Arts Council of New Westminster watched some horses running around a track did not bet on said horses but did enjoy a dinner paid for with the winnings of someone who did bet on said horses1 enjoyed some […]

  • Quarantine: Day 1

    So I’ve been in quarantine for more than a full day now and I have to say: quarantine is not for extroverts. I’m pretty sure I’ve got cabin fever, which, happily does not involve an actual fever but, sadly, does not involve a cabin. I kind of wish I was at a cabin. Anyhoo, here’s […]

  • I went for a float and it wasn’t of the root beer variety

    My friend Alicia took me for a float for my birthday. For the uninitiated, a float (a.k.a., floatation therapy or sensory deprivation tank) is where you get into a big tank with water that has about 1000 lbs of Epsom salt in it so that you can lie in and, as the name suggests, float. […]

  • Decorating

    Day 2 in my quest to respond to all of the “daily blogging prompts” for December (as part of trying to reach my goal of publishing 115 blog postings this year). Do you decorate for the winter holidays? Tell us about your decorations. I feel like I’ve blogged about this before: here and here and […]

  • Dream

    Last night I had a dream that I was running a half marathon on the Simon Fraser University campus. A spectator yelled that I was doing great and I looked at my running watch and saw that I’d been running for 1 hr and 45 mins and I was only at 12 kilometres… “Doing great?” […]