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  • Official Proof That I Can Count to 20

    Hey, remember that time that I finished my MBA? That was pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself. But, because I’m me, I’m paranoid that I’m going to get to convocation day and someone will say “Actually, you only did 28.5 credits of post-core modules, but you were supposed to do 30 credits. No […]

  • All My Courses

    Hey, remember that time I finished all my classes for my MBA1? Did you ever wonder what all those classes I took were? Lucky for you, I have a spreadsheet! I did some colour coding, because everything is better with colour coding. Dark purple is for the Integrated Core – this took the first 10 […]

  • Holidays Begin

    Written earlier today, on a plane where they don’t have the Internets. On a plane, heading to see the fam in Toronto for the Christmas holidays. I’m strangely antsy – we’ve only been flying for an hour so far, but I’ve alternated between deciding I should nap, then that I should read and then flipping […]

  • An Eventful Weekend

    So I posted for 29 of 30 days in National Blog Posting Month (missing the full completion only because of a technical glitch)… and then disappeared for a week. Typical. In my defence, I was finishing up all the course work for my MBA. Yup, that’s right. I have now completed all the courses for […]

  • Nothing To See Here

    I didn’t have time to write anything new and exciting here because I spent my evening (a) running around a track over and over again as part of the running study I’m in and (b) writing over on my other blog. As part of my digital marketing class, I have to write at least 5 […]

  • Last class EVER

    Tonight I go to the last class of my MBA program. Despite the fact that I’ve been talking about it non-stop for the last month, it’s still a bit surreal. As I reflect back on the 2 years of classes I’ve been to, I can honestly say that despite all the blood, sweat, tears, and […]

  • Stuff I Want To Do When I’m Done My MBA

    As I’ve been talking about the end of my MBA program being nigh, I find myself constantly defending my claim that “I’m not going to do anymore school! I swear!” My friends and colleagues are skeptical of this claim1. And, really, who can blame them? I’ve said it before and it wasn’t true. I’m like […]

  • Red Sharpie

    I decided that the little red pen I’d been using to cross out the days left in school on the calendar just wasn’t quite satisfying enough, so I bought a red Sharpie.   So good.

  • Not That I’m Counting

    But I only have 30 days left of school! And I may have added a countdown clock to the right side of the blog.

  • Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends

    The other day I came home to a card in the mail. It’s not my birthday and it’s too early for Christmas cards (even for the most eager of Christmas fans), I thought, so what could it be? As it turned out, it was this: A card from my friend Dr. Erika, wishing me well […]

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